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Astro Recall

Astro Recall can help you transform yourself. 

Astro Recall can help you receive guidance, solution and healing from your past life time. The past life time that contain ancient knowledge and pattern for only you to discover. Astro Recall help people to reconnect what is their dream future.

I assist them to realign their energetically. This will help them create their reality.     

Rock Maze

Have you ever feel? 

Worry and Stress

Not good enough 

Fear to follow your dream 

Anxiety to make a simple decision

Energy drain out from the daily routine 

Confuse in yourself

Lose and can’t connect to yourself and other

Want to change but can’t move to any direction 

Stuck and no progress in life

Can’t get out from the negativity 

Experience physical pain with no reason

        If this feeling related to you

Astral travel is the practice of intentionally separating one's consciousness or astral body from the physical body, allowing it to travel and explore different realms or dimensions.

During astral travel, one can access information, experiences, and events from the past, present, to create a future event.

In the case of "astro recall," the practitioner uses astral travel to specifically visit past events and gather information that may be relevant to the healing of present situations. By accessing these hidden or secret aspects, the practitioner aims to bring forth insights, understanding, and healing to address current challenges or issues. The healing occur through the quantum file by matching the frequency to help seeker create ones reality. 

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