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Getting to know me

I was raised up in a conservative family in Thailand. I followed the norms of society to gain a high education and please my parents. And yes, I completed an MBA in Chicago and got married to start my family. I have lived my life in the belief of how our life should be. Following these guidelines, I came to realize that I ended up living someones else's happiness.


I didn't know what I wanted and what to feel in my life. I lost my identity with the everyday routines from the beliefs I collected within me. The beliefs that I can’t have it all, the belief of sacrificed self to be a mother and all the limiting beliefs. I looked for approval from my family, friends, and society. I totally put myself in a closed room and lock it completely.


As a result of my emotional pains, my body reacted to an autoimmune illness that attacked my body. The universe woke me up from the deceptive ways of my life. I started to collect my broken pieces and quickly released myself from the dark locked room. 


I started my journey inward to connect with my feeling and align with my true self. This has awakening has guided me through my spiritual journey. 


Today, almost halfway through my life, I have discovered the life I have longed for. The life of my own happiness. 

I have a strong belief from my direct experience that Hypnosis, Past Life Regression, Crystal Healing, Energy Healing, and Reiki; when they are customized to suit an individual, works amazingly. Anyone who has an opportunity to experience these teachings and therapy can get out of life stress, disappointment, and pains. We all can actually take control of our life without the need to control but with the feeling of

Love and Inner Peace. 



Board of American Master Coach

NLP Master coach

Hypnosis Practitioner

Brian Weiss Past life regression therapy

Certified Crystal Healer

Reiki Master 

Planetary space clearing 

Aura Vision 

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