Energy Healing
Energy Healing
Energy Healing

Are you feeling

Worry and Stress

Not good enough 

Fear to follow your dream 

Anxiety to make a simple decision

Energy drain out from the daily routine 

Confuse in yourself

Lose and can’t connect to yourself and other

Want to change but can’t move to any direction 

Stuck and no progress in life


If this feeling related to you, Crystal Reiki can help you transform yourself. 

I work with Egyptian Reiki and Crystal healing on my client’s body and energy field.

I tune into client’s energy field and psychically reading their blockage. 

This help finding a root cause of the pain pattern that effecting now. 

The pain pattern can come from both current life and past life.  


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What is the blockage do to you?

In the energetic conversation, these blockages will block the flow of life-force energy in our body. I use a Chakra system as road map of to indicate the energy point. As a result, some part of the body can be excessive or deficient energy in each Chakra.  

In the physical conversation, when our body didn’t have the right flow of energy its effect to our emotion, behavior and thought. These also affect how person makes certain choices or act in certain behavior. Over the years, we accumulate these pained and unsolved blockages which lead to physical illness. 

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